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Door Quieter Pink


Nursery Door Silencer, Pink Rope Door Quieter for Baby Room with Matching Tassel.

Beautiful Color Door Stopper for Easy slam Stop to Ensure Your Nursery Door Stop is Safe and Stylish!



  • Nursery Design – door slam stopper for nursery with a pretty color palette that will make your baby’s room both quite and safe.
  • Classroom Door Silencers – This door slammer stopper that is great for classroom door stop, preschool door slam stopper and baby door closers.
  • Quiet Close Door – Use these pretty design of our anti door slam to ensure door slam silencer is in effect all the time.
  • Safety device – for soft close classroom, preschool doors, baby door stopper and front door stopper. Anywhere you need to have a safe non-close door situation.


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